Jared & Gissel

Jared & Gissel

|| November 13th, 2015 ||

This wedding was such a delight to be apart of, there were so many powerful moments. In all the communication leading up to her wedding I could tell that she was so excited about all the details and people who would be there to celebrate with her and Jared.

One important detail was that her father who has lived in another country for quite sometime, hadn’t seen his daughter in over six years. Their first look was such a beautiful moment.

Gissel&Jared (2 of 26)Gissel&Jared (7 of 26)Gissel&Jared (10 of 26)

During her first look with Jared we were running a bit behind schedule and had about 10 minute allotment for that section. But it turned out to be a a wonderful time for them to relax and spend a few cherished moments with each other.

Gissel&Jared (15 of 26)

The reception was full of dancing, joy, and excitement.

Gissel&Jared (22 of 26)

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